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TriTechnologies, Inc.
1300 Lafayette Avenue
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Tri Technologies is a U.S. based manufacturer of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Continuous and Batch Pre-Expanders, Contour Cutters, Shape Molding Machinery, EPS Cutting Lines, EPS bead distribution equipment, EPS scrap processing equipment, and Expandable Polypropylene (EPP) impregnation equipment. We also supply repair parts for our machinery and provide repair service for our customer base.

Tri Technologies is unsurpassed in workmanship and uses only the highest quality materials combined with the most advanced computer components available. We offer both a standard product line and equipment customized per your specifications. Our overall quality is maintained by carefully controlling the fabrication process utilizing on site welding, fabrication, electrical panel assembly, electrical wiring and final assembly. Our equipment utilizes brand name, quality parts that can be easily sourced or purchased through us. We do not try to create an after market for part sales by designing custom built, expensive replacement parts.

Tri Technologies provides its customers with machine installation, on-site operator training and after sales service. The Company also rebuilds existing equipment for its customer base, updating that equipment based on customer specification.


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 fax 513-422-8513

tri technologies inc
1300 Lafayette Ave.
Middletown, OH 45044  USA

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